Scalable, Practical Deterministic Database Systems

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This work is funded by the NSF under grant IIS-1527118 which became IIS-1763797 when it was moved to UMD. The title of this NSF award is: "Scalable, Practical Deterministic Database Systems". The start date (of the original grant before it moved to UMD) was September 1, 2015 and the end date is August 31, 2019.

The database system was one of the first highly concurrent systems ever designed, and has served as a blueprint for the design of many subsequent concurrent computing systems. The decision to allow the system to process concurrent transactions nondeterministically has led to countless headaches from bugs (and debugging), security, replication, and general code complexity. The research funded by this grant is investigating the development of a fundamentally different design for concurrent execution of transactions in database systems that guarantees that the final state of the database is deterministically prescribed from the input to the system. Such databases have the potential to significantly improve the throughput, latency, fault tolerance, and general robustness of database systems.

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